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Pete Devenyi, former Executive at BlackBerry, Descartes Systems Group & Dematic, and recently published Author of Decoding Your STEM Career: How to Exceed Your Expectations, walks us through his storied career and tells us about the critical importance of developing your communication skills, how he was able to manage life and work seamlessly with just two lists, and how prioritizing being kind can unlock future opportunities.  May 27, 2022

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In Decoding Your STEM Career: How to Exceed Your Expectations, tech executive Pete Devenyi provides knowledge and wisdom by summarizing his own career and providing a roadmap for tech workers to understand how and when to transition to a new job and thrive in a different work environment.  June 1, 2022

Nathan Dickeson interviews Pete Devenyi discussing a wide variety of topics related to technical leadership and the skills that are most important to obtain for anyone who is on a mission to excel.  Many topics discussed in Decoding Your STEM Career are discussed in the the podcast as well. June 8, 2022

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Inside Personal Growth provides listeners with high quality interviews featuring leading authors in the field of personal development. This online podcast program is curated with content from international experts in the art of transformation. In this episode, host Greg Voisen interviews Pete Devenyi about his recently released book, Decoding Your STEM Career. June 14, 2022

Pete Devenyi discusses his book Decoding Your STEM Career and ways to jump start your career as a technology leader. Careers in science, technology, engineering and math have evolved rapidly. Are STEM graduates today prepared for the real world? Listen for three action items you can use today.  June 23, 2022

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Guest Pete Devenyi, author and experienced senior executive discusses with Sheri: The key ingredients to successful communications with your internal team. What are some methods to get to know employees and build strong teams, even when the teams are large? As your responsibilities grow as a manager and leader, how do you manage the increased pressures on your time? How do you determine if it’s time to move on to a new job? What role does mental health make in this decision? Why is kindness such an important virtue in the workplace? Can you ever be too kind as a leader?

Pete Devenyi, author and senior executive discusses what it takes to reach your maximum potential at work with Shalom Klein. Get Down To Business is released as a weekly radio show on AM 560 in Chicago and also as a weekly podcast.

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Hosted by Brother Greg Cellini, Pete Devenyi discusses his  motivation for writing Decoding Your STEM Career and the array of skills that should be acquired, and how to go about acquiring them, by all those who are driven to reach their maximum potential. 

Pete Devenyi joins VIP's Casey Hasten in a discussion about climbing the ladder in your career and reaching your full potential. Pete is the author of Decoding Your STEM Career, consultant, and speaker. 

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“Should I stay or should I go?” is a question many people ask themselves, now more than ever. Perhaps this sounds like you: do you stay in a role you know and where you like the team or do you explore a new opportunity? When you contemplate a move: are you seeking to escape a not-so-great situation, or is the new job something you really want? This is a question Pete Devenyi, author of the Decoding Your STEM Career and technical executive leader, faced himself and advised others who were at a crossroads in their careers and lives. In this CareerCast, Pete shares how to make the stay-or-go decision with a focused, strategic, and heart-felt perspective, enabling you to advance with courage, confidence, and success.

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