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Decoding Your STEM Career
How to Exceed Your Expectations

A 1 minute video describing what the book is about and why it's a must read for those aspiring to be the technical leaders of our next generation.

How to achieve your professional goals as a technology leader.





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Inside Personal Growth
with Greg Voisen

Inside Personal Growth
with Greg Voisen

Since 2007, Inside Personal Growth has connected people with the wisdom and resources they need to work through challenges and strengthen their internal compass on the pursuit toward wellness and mastery. Each of their 700+ shows offer insight into the minds of writers behind leading book titles.

We Are VIP
with Casey Hasten

Pete Devenyi joins VIP's Casey Hasten in a discussion about climbing the ladder in your career and reaching your full potential. Pete is the author of Decoding Your STEM Career, consultant, and speaker. Pete has held senior technical executive positions at large global companies such as RIM and Dematic, leading hundreds of technologists around the world. His goal has always been to develop great products that leave a lasting impact on society. His book, Decoding your STEM Career has earned the title of one of the best-sellers chosen from Business Expert Press’s vast collection.

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